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Join over 27,000 businesses leaving a greener footprint on the planet by recycling their waste to the max.

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We help thousands of businesses across the country leave a greener footprint on the planet by recycling their waste to the max.

It may be the smallest English city by population, but the City of London reigns supreme for business, which is why First Mile is the first choice for so many when it comes to waste collection services in the City of London.

We provide a range of over 20 innovative recycling services to address all your City waste collection needs, together with a suite of planet-loving Service Extras.

From Blackfriars to Liverpool Street and Barbican to Bank, we offer regular collections seven days a week and flexible collection slots for your City of London waste collection, ensuring you’re fully compliant with any local time bands.

We help you to recycle old computers, tea-bags, confidential paper and data, supported by an exemplary customer service and recycling collection times that make your life easier. We also have a fully-compliant Clearances service that's flexible, friendly and professional, without any contracts.

Explore our site to discover more about our services, Benefits and the environmental hot topics that make us tick to learn how we can take your City of London business recycling rate to the next level.

First Mile has a team of Recycling Advisors in your borough! To discover how our recycling solutions could make your business greener, feel free to request a meeting and we’ll be happy to come and visit you very soon!

City of London ‘Did you know?’

  • In AD43 the Roman legions established a settlement on the current site of the City of London known as ‘Londinium’.
  • Despite its history, relatively few notable structures have survived in the City of London due to fire bombing and post WW2 redevelopment. Those that have include the Monument (to the Great Fire), Sir Christopher Wren’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Guildhall, the Royal Exchange, Dr. Johnson’s House and Mansion house, as well as many churches.
  • The death toll of the devastating Great Fire on 1666 that reduced large parts of the city to ruins was only six people, although many more died from indirect causes.

While the City has no sizeable park, it does have a network of gardens and small open spaces. These range from the formal, such as the one to be found in Finsbury Circus containing a bowling green and bandstand, to the informal churchyard areas, water features and artworks in courtyards and pedestrianised lanes within its boundaries.


We're here to change the face of waste with a customer-focused service that prioritises the environment.

Easy Switch

A hassle-free switch from your current provider.

Pay-as-you-go ordering, low cost services and free next-day sack delivery.

Flexible Collections

3 times a day, 7 days a week, or more.

Reliable drivers in clean, low-emissions trucks with a Driver App that sorts problems fast.

Amazing Support

Bright and friendly team members at the ready 24 / 7 / 365.

Online portal and handy First Mile App for smooth account running.

Environmental Care

Zero-to-landfill, with all non-recyclable waste sent to generate Green energy.

Carbon-neutral, low emission fleets mapping optimised clean-air routes.

Service Extras

A range to grow your Green footprint, from Top Tips recycling posters to innovative RecycleLab analysis.

Free compliance certificate and monthly report of your recycling achievements.

Ethical Handling

Responsible processing of materials by carefully-sourced facilities.

Award-winning pre-sort First Mile Sacktory® to superboost recycling rates.


Reliable collections, 24/7 support and a range of recycling services to make it a breeze for all your rubbish to find a new life.

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Online accounts, bin sensors, QR codes, handy apps and detailed data reports. Let our smart tech do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Zero to landfill, an ultra green fleet and a suite of Service Extras to help you leave a greener footprint.

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