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Our Benefits
The most effective way to manage your waste
Zero to landfill
Anything that can't be recycled goes to a waste-to-energy facility where it's turned into energy to power homes.
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Data and documentation
Compliance certificates and free monthly reporting prove that your business waste has been properly handled.
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Quickly and easily manage your waste collection schedules, invoices and more, in your online account.
How much does it cost?

Our prices vary according to area and requirement, but they’re always competitive. For most of our customers, we work on a pay-as-you-go basis also, so you’re not tied into a contract, and you won’t pay a penny in admin fees.

We ensure our Benefits create a service that is excellent value-for-money, and we offer a range of complimentary Service Extras that will help you to leave a greener footprint and make savings.

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Why should I choose First Mile's business waste service?

First Mile makes your trade waste disposal easier.

We are an award-winning UK waste management company that can easily help you recycle your waste, with over thirty recycling and commercial waste services available to your business at the click of a button.

Benefit from low cost, reliable service, next day delivery, 24/7 helpdesk, high recycling, zero to landfill, and free monthly reporting on all of your achievements.

We provide full transparency on where we sent your business waste and recycling, and we only work with destination partners whose environmental credentials pass our rigorous standards.

You can find our accreditations on the homepage and our certificates and insurances here

What about Business Recycling?

Business Recycling works in the same way as Business Waste; order sacks or bins, we deliver the next day and collect on a schedule to suit.

First Mile offers business waste recycling as well as business recycling collection across London and the UK.

By law, companies need to demonstrate they are recycling waste where it is economical and practical.

First Mile helps businesses do that, by providing over 30 low-cost business waste and business recycling services that will save money and the planet.

Where does my waste go?

Each of our Recycling Services reaches a different destination.

Check out our feature, ‘What happens to my waste?’ to find out more about each one.

How environmentally-friendly is First Mile?

We’re passionate about making our services as Green as can be! We believe in a world where you can recycle everything, and we’re constantly working on ways to make it a reality.

To begin with, we work closely with you to help you understand the services you need in order to recycle your workplace waste to the max. Then, we provide ongoing support with a range of complimentary Service Extras to help maintain and enhance this.

We operate a strict zero-to-landfill policy, meaning that all of your waste goes to generate green electricity and doesn’t end up rotting in the ground for hundreds of years.

Business waste collection

Our carbon-neutral fleet of trucks we use for our business waste collection, including electric and Euro 6, travels along optimized clean-air routes to reduce CO2 emissions, and we were the first to introduce a bike to make 100% environmentally-friendly sack deliveries in Central London.

Our award-winning pre-sorting facility the Sacktory® helps us to achieve a 66% recycling average, while our innovative RecycleBox and RecycleLab seek end-of-life solutions for hard-to-recycle materials.

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Do First Mile offer commercial waste collection services?

First Mile offers a range of reliable commercial waste collection services in order to carry out professional and safe commercial waste disposal across the UK.

Of course, some commercial waste may not be able to be recycled, but at First Mile we ensure that non-recyclables are used to power the energy grid

None of your commercial waste will go to landfill.

Can I set up my business waste collection right now?

Of course! You can set up your business waste collection service as soon as you need. Use the options above to choose your services, or click here to book a one-off business waste collection, rubbish removal or waste disposal.