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Microfibres: How what you wear becomes what you eat (and how to stop it)

Tiny microfibres from apparel are the biggest source of microplastics entering our oceans. Yes, you read that right: over one-third of ocean microplastics comes from synthetic textiles.

For Your Eyes Only - The secret life of a paper shredder

Even to the untrained eye she’s an impressive, if not somewhat foreboding, piece of 21st century technology. And it’s today that this new state of the art paper shredder embarks on her inaugural shift.

Keeping up with First Mile

One month, 10 events and 5,000+ participants as we spread the word on sustainability

The Average Cost Per Wear of Our Wardrobes

Do you know the cost per wear of each item in your wardrobe? We investigate how Brits buy and wear their clothes and suggest a few ways we can all be more sustainable.

Giving recycling some welly! Why all brands should take responsibility for end-of-life solutions

Customers can either post back their old boots – via a cost-free postal Recycle Box service sponsored by Hunter - or drop them into their flagship Regent Street store in London for recycling.

Diversity and Inclusion: the core of our work culture

We believe that to be truly committed to diversity and inclusion, this must extend beyond weekly or monthly sentiments. Instead, it needs to become something that is embedded in the culture.

RecycleBox – making it easy to recycle anything and everything!

A post-back box service that makes it super easy to give items traditionally bound for waste, the opportunity to be salvaged and given a new life.

What is the Circular Economy?

The circular economy is a system whereby everything is designed in a way that can be re-used with minimal environmental impact.

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