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Cut The Wrap (and the cr@p) this Christmas

Once again, First Mile is urging people in the UK to ‘cut the wrap and the cr@p’ this Christmas as new poll reveals over 70% of people are concerned about additional waste created during the festive period, yet over a fifth have thrown away a Christmas present without even opening or using it

Green Friday vs Black Friday

This November, First Mile joins the movement to support Green Friday and promote responsible consumption that benefits the Circular Economy.

What a corker!

New recycling service launched for wine and sparkling wine corks and long-life cartons

Our one year anniversary with The Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID)

Turn your Halloween Hallowgreen this October

There’s plenty you can do to green your Halloween. See what a positive difference you can make to our planet.

10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

When you think recycling, you probably think plastic, cardboard, paper and glass. But did you know there are lots more materials that can be recycled, they just need to be separated and sent to the right processing facility.

Kik-Plastic Beach Clean Analysis Revealed

A total of 3,436kg of beach litter was collected across the 78 beaches by nearly 2,000 volunteers during the Kik-Plastic Challenge.

How your company can help minimise the effect of fast fashion

There is plenty that you can do within your business to prevent contributing to the harmful effects of the fashion industry.

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