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The UK is a giant garden – but apparently that’s not good

Every square metre in the UK has been managed by humans one way or another - while these landscapes look tidy and beautiful, they are not rich in biodiversity.

First Mile wins award for innovation

First Mile has been chosen the best business in the UK in the category ‘The Award for Innovation with Turnover of €0-25M’

Why You Need to Start Recycling Coffee Cup Today

Our recent research highlights the sheer volume of coffee cups used in the UK, giving us all a reminder of the importance of recycling our single-use coffee cups.

Recycling Tips For Your Workplace

We’ve pulled together the top recycling tips for your workplace

What’s the difference between compostables and biodegradables?

Whilst the increased interest by the public for compostables is a positive change, there’s still a lot of misinformation out there.

The Movement Towards Greener Festivals

How can festivals and festival-goers reduce their environmental impact?

Planned Obsolescence and The Problem with Waste

Far from the zero-waste and circular economy model we should all be striving towards...

Microfibres: How what you wear becomes what you eat (and how to stop it)

Tiny microfibres from apparel are the biggest source of microplastics entering our oceans. Yes, you read that right: over one-third of ocean microplastics comes from synthetic textiles.

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