Waste Collection Services in Hackney

Join over 27,000 businesses reducing their carbon impact with our range of recycling, waste, and circular economy services.

First Mile is proud to set the bar for business recycling in London, offering outstanding customer service and over 20 recycling services.

We help thousands of businesses to keep their workplace tidy and show respect for the environment, by recycling their waste to the max.

Our waste collection services in Hackney are easy to engage, while super-reliable collections and 24/7 customer service support ensure all aspects of your business recycling collection process are safe in our hands.

From Haggerston to Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington to Clapton, we offer reliable collections seven days a week and flexible collection times for your Hackney commercial recycling collection, to ensure you’re fully compliant with council time bands. Easy-peasy!

If you want to know where to recycle batteries, whether you can recycle plastic bags or not, and the right place for aerosol can disposal, we can help.

No matter your sector, we love to take care of all your business recycling needs. Whether you’re an office, retail, café or public venue, we offer recycling services in Hackney that save businesses time and money, in ways that protect the planet.

Explore our Benefits and Service Extras to see how recycling your Hackney business waste with us makes sense and contact us today.

First Mile has a team of Recycling Advisors in your borough! To discover how our recycling solutions could make your business greener, feel free to request a meeting and we’ll be happy to come and visit you very soon!

Hackney ‘Did you know?’

  • The first real records of settlement in Hackney date back to Saxon times. The name ‘Hackney’ was first recorded in 1198 AD and is probably derived from an island or a raised place in a marsh (an ‘ey’) in the vicinity of the River Lea, together with the name of a Dane, called Haca or Hacon, who owned it.
  • Like most areas, Hackney had initially been a rural community. Even as late as the 18th century, Hackney was still mostly pasture enclosed farmland, with small hamlets and very little woodland. Feeling homely?
  • Hackney boasts 1,300 listed buildings, including the iconic Hackney Empire and the Grade 1 listed Old Tower of the former Church of Saint Augustine.