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Join over 27,000 businesses leaving a greener footprint on the planet by recycling their waste to the max.

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First Mile is at the forefront of a recycling revolution, helping thousands of businesses across London to leave a greener footprint on the planet by recycling their waste to the max.

We intend to take waste collection services in Islington to the top of the class for high recycling rates, thanks to our extensive range of over 20 recycling services, outstanding 24/7 customer support and a toolkit of Service Extras to take your Islington business recycling rate to the next level.

For no-fuss business waste disposal relating to retail, offices, cafes, bars, restaurants, public venues, shops, facility managers and cleaners, look no further. First Mile covers the entire borough, from Finsbury Park to Barnsbury, Clerkenwell to Holloway and beyond. We can even help with your clearances and bulky rubbish removal!

Whether you’re wondering how to recycle coffee cups or if compostable packaging can go in your small food recycling bin*, we’re on hand to help. (*btw: no, it can't!)

Put the kettle on and check out the many ways we keep our customers’ workplaces clean and clutter-free while innovating recycling solutions that love the planet.

First Mile has a team of Recycling Advisors in your borough! To discover how our recycling solutions could make your business greener, feel free to request a meeting and we’ll be happy to come and visit you very soon!

Islington ‘Did you know?’

  • Islington was originally named Giseldone (1005), then Gislandune (1062) by the Saxons, meaning ‘Gisla’s hill’. This mutated later to Isledon, which remained in use well into the 17th century when the modern form arose.
  • The borough has the lowest ratio of open space to built-up areas of any London borough - the 29 hectares of Highbury Fields representing its largest continuous open space.
  • Islington was the first London borough to receive fresh water via a forty-mile canal from Hertfordshire to the New River Head reservoir in Amwell Street, in Clerkenwell.
  • Because of the perceived open space deficit, many small community gardens grew up in Islington, from the 1970s on. Created and maintained by local residents on sites made derelict by the Blitz and redevelopment, not all have survived, with the notable exception of Culpeper Community Garden, near Angel.
  • Illustrious one-time residents of the borough include the actors Helena Bonham-Carter and Mark Strong and musicians Lily Allen, Charlie Watts and Dido.


We're here to change the face of commercial waste with a customer-focused service that prioritises the environment.

Easy Switch

A hassle-free switch from your current business waste service.

Pay-as-you-go ordering, low cost services and free next-day sack delivery.

Flexible Business Waste Collections

Commercial waste collections seven days a week or as often as you need.

Reliable drivers in clean, low-emissions trucks with a Driver App that sorts problems fast.

Amazing Support

Bright and friendly team members at the ready 24 / 7 / 365.

Online customer portal and handy First Mile App for smooth account running.

Environmental Care

Zero-to-landfill, with all non-recyclable business waste sent to generate Green energy.

Carbon-neutral, low emission fleets mapping optimised clean-air routes.

Service Extras

A range to grow your Green footprint, from top-tips recycling posters to innovative RecycleLab analysis.

Free compliance certificate and monthly report of your recycling achievements directly on your online account.

Ethical Handling

Responsible processing of materials by carefully-sourced facilities.

Award-winning pre-sort First Mile Sacktory® to superboost recycling rates.


Reliable business waste and recycling collections, with 24/7 support to make it a breeze for all your rubbish to find a new life.

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Online accounts, bin sensors, QR codes, handy apps and detailed data reports. Let our smart tech do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Work with a Zero to landfill recycling company, with an ultra green fleet and a suite of Service Extras to help you leave a greener footprint.

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