Cans and Plastics Recycling

Available as sack collection
Available as sack collection

There’s no need to over-complicate things when it comes to recycling cans and plastic.

It’s one of the simpler business recycling processes you’ll face, but it can be an awful lot of work at the same time. Super-simplify recycling for your staff and customers with our cans and plastics-only recycling sack, which will take the graft out of sustainable processing for your business.

With better sorting, you’ll have a business full of plastic and cans recycling pros, giving you a hassle-free, conscientious disposal solution that boosts your brand’s sustainability.

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  • Aluminium cans

  • Tins

  • Empty aerosol cans

  • Plastic bottles

  • Plastic containers

  • Liquids

  • Plastic bags

  • Crisp packets

  • Plastic cutlery

  • Contaminated packaging

How our Cans and Plastic Recycling service works

  • STEP 1


    Cans and plastics recycling sacks are collected from outside your business.

  • STEP 2


    All materials are taken to our depot where they are separated at our award-winning sack-sorting facility, the Sacktory®.

  • STEP 3


    Once sorted, the materials are taken to a local Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

  • STEP 4


    Each material is recycled back into new products, such as plastic bottles and drinks cans.


Easy switch from your current provider
Flexible collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week
Amazing support available 24/7/365
Zero-to-landfill, with all non-recyclable waste sent to generate Green energy.
Service Extras, like compliance certificates and tip posters
Responsible processing of materials in our award-winning facility

So, why does it make sense to make the easy switch from your current provider to us?

We do it all, so whether you’re recycling aluminium cans or need somewhere to get rid of your plastic cups or pots – we’re a good bet. We run a flexible collection service from your business, up to 3 times a day every day. We offer 24/7 support should you need any help. And we’ll even offer you things like compliance certificates and tip posters.

Moreover, we’re a sustainable and responsible plastic and can recycling processor who run a zero-to-landfill service. That means when you’re recycling your tin cans or plastic containers you know they’re being dealt with in the best way. Whether it’s for the sake of your brand reputation or your own peace of mind, that can only be a good thing.

Safe recycling of aerosol cans. Efficient food tin recycling for catering businesses. Good old-fashioned recycling of plastic bottles or plastic cups. Whatever you need, our award-winning sorting service can help.

Get a quote from us today to see whether we could be saving your business time, money and a whole lot of effort with our cans and plastics recycling!

Could we be saving you time, money and effort?

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Recycling aluminium takes 95% less energy and generates 95% less greenhouse gas emission than producing it from raw materials.

Easy. Smart.

You're two steps away from a cheaper, greener recycling service.

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