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Coffee Grounds Recycling

Available as box collection
Available as box collection

First Mile coffee grounds recycling

Our coffee grounds recycling involves a partnership with coffee recycling superstars bio-bean diverts your waste coffee grounds from landfill. They turn them into biofuels and essential oils that cut greenhouse emissions. That’s one sweet-smelling wake-up call.

How to recycle coffee grounds

If you're a café, bar or restaurant, or if you have a lot of coffee enthusiasts in your company, we provide everything you need to start recycling coffee grounds. Simply order the box exchange service to get started.

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The heat output of Coffee Logs is 20% greater than that of kiln dried wood and the burn rate 18% slower, which makes it a longer-lasting fuel.


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How do you dispose of coffee grounds?

Ever wondered what's the best way to dispose of coffee grounds?

It might still come as a surprise for many, but in fact you can recycle coffee grounds! Exciting, huh?

Disposing of coffee grounds in the UK

The UK consumes around 70 million cups of coffee a day, generating hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds each year. Unfortunately, most of these used grounds end up in landfills, where they release greenhouse gases - including methane, which is 28 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. That's where our coffee grounds waste disposal service comes in!

Our recycling coffee grounds solution

We have been recycling coffee grounds from businesses since 2015, in partnership with bio-bean. They were the first company to recycle coffee grounds on an industrial scale, converting the waste into biofuels and biochemicals. The recycled coffee grounds are turned into logs for wood burners.

Recycling coffee grounds this way saves 80% CO2 emissions than if they were sent to landfill, and 70% than if they were sent to anaerobic digestion facility mixed with food waste.

First Mile coffee recycling service

But it also saves businesses money, since recycling coffee grounds is cheaper for your company than coffee grounds disposal with general waste.

Use the First Mile coffee recycling service to save money and power the country with green energy by ensuring your company's coffee waste is recycled!

Set up a Coffee Grounds Collection

If you're a current First Mile customer, please order through the Customer Portal.

40L Tote Box

We deliver boxes for your coffee ground waste, you fill them, then contact us to book an exchange for new empty ones, or set up a regular schedule. Price includes exchange of up to 2 boxes.

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