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Available as sack collection
Available as sack collection

It’s a common misconception that your everyday carton is widely recycled. The average carton has layers of different materials that need to be separated before recycling. And for this, a specialist process is required.

To guarantee that your plant-based milk, soup or drinks carton is recycled, set up a cartons recycling service today. And before you know it, your used carton will be making its way back as new paper products or even garden furniture.

Just remember to give them a quick rinse to avoid contamination and we'll take care of the rest!

Got a smaller quantity to recycle? Check out our RecycleBox scheme for one-off orders!

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  • Drink & soup cartons

  • Long life & plant based milk cartons

  • Tetra Pak packaging

  • Liquids

  • Contaminated packaging

  • Straws

Just in the UK, around 60,000 tonnes of cartons are used every year - the weight of 349 blue whales.


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Cartons such as Tetra Pak, Pure-Pak, SIC Combibloc and others are a great packaging solution for food and drinks. That's because they're aseptic, which guarantees contents are given extended shelf-life even without refrigeration, preventing food waste, and because they're strong but lightweight, so demand less energy and fuel to transport. Just in the UK, around 60,000 tonnes of cartons are used every year.

But what are cartons made of? And are cartons recyclable?

The average carton is made up of a number of at least three layered materials: 75% paperboard (from wood), 21% polyethylene (a type of plastic) and 4% aluminium (on long-life or aseptic packages only). Is this unique combination that makes carton packaging safe and efficient to store food and drinks, but it also means that recycling cartons require a very special process.

After collection, cartons are taken to a specialist facility where they're soaked into water to separate the paperboard fibres. These are then dried and recycled into new paper products. The recovered plastic and aluminium layers are separated and turned into garden furniture, industrial products and building materials.

The process of recycling cartons isn't the easiest, but it is possible. Still, worldwide, less than 20% of cartons packaging is recycled - we can and must do better. First Mile recycles cartons in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint necessary and ensuring that nothing ends up in a landfill.

Join the revolution and order your cartons recycling sacks today!

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