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Christmas Tree Recycling

Available as sack collection
Available as sack collection

Christmas trees aren’t just for Christmas.

Whether you choose to have one of these beautiful trees all year round in your company reception area or simply for the festive period, when you come to say farewell to your fir, our reliable, cost-effective and sustainable Christmas tree recycling service is just what you need.

Drop your 10 footers or chop your giants into our enormous festive sacks (decoration-free!), and we’ll send them to be mulched into compost for local farmers and eager gardeners to snap up. It’s the perfect method to ensure your Christmas tree is reused in an environmentally friendly way.

Did you know that you can send baubles back to us in a RecycleBox? Plus, if you have any fault or unwanted lights, you can recycle your Christmas tree lights with us too!

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  • Real trees up to 10 foot

  • Trees > 10 foot chopped up

Of the eight million trees that brighten up homes and offices across Britain each Christmas only 10% are recycled for composting and wood chipping.


Easy switch from your current business waste provider
Flexible business waste and recycling collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week
Amazing support available 24/7/365 from our specialist commercial waste collection team
Zero-to-landfill, with all non-recyclable business waste sent to generate Green energy.
Service Extras, like compliance certificates, weighing and data, and posters.
Responsible processing of materials in our award-winning facility

According to Carbon Trust, a single 2-metre Christmas tree emits 16kg of CO2 if it ends up in a landfill. Together, the nearly 7 million trees that are still not recycled in the UK every year can be responsible for up to 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases in landfills. That's not very jolly...

Wondering how you can sustainably dispose of old Christmas trees?

Enjoy a hassle-free end to the festive period with our Christmas tree recycling in London and Birmingham. Our service ensures your waste is reused and repurposed in the most environmentally friendly way possible: your tree will help local farmers and gardeners with their agricultural needs.

Make sure you order your Christmas tree recycling sack in advance. Then don’t wait too long to recycle your Christmas trees when you return to work after the festive period. Just give us a call and we'll collect your Christmas tree for recycling at your convenience - you can get them swiftly out of the way and onto helping other people so everybody can resume their day-to-day operations. Easy!

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