Business Waste and Recycling Services

Save money, Recycle more, and send nothing to landfill;

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Mixed Recycling

We sort it for you

General Waste


Food Recycling

Half the price of waste

Paper Recycling

100% recyclable

Cardboard Recycling

Recycled in 14 days

PPE Waste Collections

Dedicated disposal service

Printer Cartridge and Toner Recycling

Re-fill and revive

Glass Recycling

Back into bottles

Tins and Cans Recycling

100% recyclable

Single-Use Plastics Recycling

We can make them useful again!

Flexible Plastics Recycling

Make them earn their keep

Cartons Recycling

Coffee Cup Recycling

Renewed as paper products

Coffee Grounds Recycling

Recycle coffee grounds into biofuels

Compostable Packaging Recycling

Conditioning for the soil

Cooking Oil Recycling

From grease to bio-diesel

WEEE Recycling

Safe disposal of electricals

Batteries Recycling

Valuable resources reclaimed

Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

Safe recovery of precious metals

Confidential Data Destruction

100% safe and secure destruction

Confidential Paper Recycling

100% secure destruction

Textile Recycling

Save cast-offs from landfill

Coat Hanger Recycling

A solution for fashion retailers

Stationery Recycling

Give them to charity

Fluorescent Tube Recycling

Your trash, our treasure

Sharps Recycling

Safely incinerated

KeyKegs Recycling

Round and round they go

Bike Tyre Recycling

Save your wheels from waste

Christmas Tree Recycling

Yuletide compost

Rubbish Removal

Pick a collection by load size

Sofa Removal

Choose your sofa size

Fridge Collection

What type of fridge do you need collecting?

Hazardous Waste Collection

Book a collection of hazardous items

Mattress Collection

Book a mattress collection by size

IT Waste Collection

IT, Computers, WEEE Asset Disposal

Skip Hire

Choose your skip and we'll deliver next day

60L Method Bin Range

First Mile Cardboard Bin


We're here to change the face of commercial waste with a customer-focused service that prioritises the environment.

Easy switch from your current commercal waste collection
Flexible business waste and recycling collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week
Amazing support available 24/7/365 from our specialist commercial waste collection team
Zero-to-landfill, with all non-recyclable business waste sent to generate Green energy.
Service Extras, like compliance certificates, weighing and data, and posters.
Responsible processing of materials in our award-winning facility

Service Extras

Pick any combo of our service extras when you sign up, to help boost your business recycling rate and Green credentials.

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Get the lowdown on recycling best practice
Recycling Posters

Guidance on every commercial recycling service to remind folk what goes where. Plus labelling available to brand existing recycling bins. Download your recycling posters for free now!

Monthly Reports

Key stats on your recycling achievements straight to your mailbox every month, also available on your online portal. Count up those saved trees and feel good.

Waste Audit

We can audit all of your business waste and provide the data to help you improve. Learn more here.

Online Learning

Educate and engage your team on waste with a fun app. Raise awareness and superboost your recycling rates.


Improve your footprint by understanding it
Bin Audit

A workplace visit to get the most out of your business waste collection. Help with the removal of under-desk bins and better allocation of recycling to waste bins.

Account Support

An account manager dedicated to helping you achieve your recycling targets. A smooth-running service makes for an easy life.

Waste Reduction Tools

Even better than responsible business waste disposal is waste reduction. Plot your benchmark waste output in our online portal. Track your progress with satisfaction.

Smart Tools and Data

QR codes, bin weights, sensors and recycling reports. Get more precise data to help you go greener.

Waste Strategy

We'll help you develop long-term goals for business waste and recycling, built around the simple areas of; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Bring the whole team on board
Annual Certificate

A celebration of your great recycling habits. Pin to the wall or display in your virtual shop window. Find out about our Recycling Certificates.

Recycling Bins

A full range you can buy, or rent from as little as £1 a month. Your secret weapon to inspiring better recycling. Check our recycle bins shop now!

Recycle Mobile App

Learning made fun. Hone great workplace habits by helping Recyclie Rat to sort his rubbish. Find out More

Recycling Tips

Overwhelmed? Use our recycling tips and find out how much your business can recycle to turning your workplace greener in every possible way!


Roll up your sleeves and get involved
Recycling Workshop

A hands-on masterclass brought to the door of your business. Make star recyclers of your staff by helping them learn how. Send us an email to book.

Facility Tours

A behind-the-scenes look at our award-winning Sacktory®. Get the inside scoop on the fate of your rubbish. Book a free tour here.


Invitations and nominations for your business at environmental talks and awards. Take part in the conversation to protect the planet.


Do you produce hard to recycle products or need to offer more sustainable solutions for your customers? We can help.

We work with you to find the best possible end-of-life solutions for the products you sell, and we make it easy for your customers to recycle and give new life to their old products.

Click to see some of our other partnership recycling schemes in action

Why hire a waste management company?

Business Waste (all waste from business activities and sometimes called 'Commercial Waste') must be collected by a licensed business waste carrier or waste management company. These companies can organise business waste collections for your premises, and provide you with legal documentation to prove you are managing your business waste legally, called a Business Waste Transfer Note.

What about Business Recycling?

Business Recycling works in exactly the same way as Business Waste. By law, company's need to demonstrate they are recycling waste where it is economical and practical to do so. First Mile help businesses do that, by providing over 30 low cost recycling services that will save money and the planet.

Collection For All Business Sectors

Our commercial waste services range from WEEE recycling to hazardous waste collection, tailored to the specific sector of your business. Whatever sector your business operates in, we’ve got you covered! We currently provide services to 27,000 businesses from different sectors across the UK.

Sustainable Solutions

Your business waste collections from First Mile To help you demonstrate your performance and impact on the environment, we provide a wide range of reporting and tools to track your waste and measure the CO2 impact of recycling.

Easy. Smart.

You're two steps away from a cheaper, greener recycling service.

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