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Business Waste - Frequently Asked Questions

What about Business Recycling?

Business Recycling works in exactly the same way as Business Waste. By law, company's need to demonstrate they are recycling waste where it is economical and practical to do so.

First Mile help businesses do that, by providing over 30 low cost recycling services that will save money and the planet.

Why hire a waste management company?

Business Waste (all waste from business activities and sometimes called 'Commercial Waste') must be collected by a licensed business waste carrier or waste management company.

These companies can organise business waste disposal collections for your premises, and provide you with legal documentation to prove you are managing your business waste legally, called a Business Waste Transfer Note.

Can First Mile help if my business has multiple premises?

Absolutely. We provide core recycling services for commercial waste management in London city and Birmingham.

First Mile can arrange nationwide services for larger accounts, working in partnership with trusted providers in those areas.

We also offer a RecycleBox service, which you can send to us packed with goodies to be recycled from any part of the country.

Get in touch to see how we can serve your business.

Does First Mile offer waste management?

First Mile is a professional waste management company which provides reliable and effective waste management solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From waste collection to waste recycling, First Mile keeps waste management efficient and effective to help make our recycling services as easy as possible to access.

Do you offer recycling services near me?

First Mile provides London recycling services in 27 boroughs, as well as business waste disposal in Birmingham. More than that, if your business is in London, our vehicles are never more than ½ an hour away from you!

We’re also able to arrange nationwide services for larger accounts by working in partnership with trusted providers in those areas.

Plus, we offer a RecycleBox service, whereby you can post back to us all nature of recyclables from any part of the country.

Is First Mile a trusted provider?

Yes. Our drivers are fully trained and qualified, and we only work with destination partners whose environmental credentials pass our rigorous standards.

You can find our accreditations on the homepage and our certificates and insurances here