What Happens To My Waste?


Rotating screens, magnets, and optical sorters divert materials to their respective streams to be recycled.


Incinerated to generate Green energy heat and power for London, and Carbon8 aggregates.

General Waste

Fed to the hungry microbes in a UK-based Anaerobic Digestion facility to create biogas for the generation of gas and electricity (with enough food waste recycled each night to power your computer for 10 years).


When separated, this low grade plastic is sent from our Sacktory® to plastic film re-processors to be turned into black bin bags.

Flexible Plastics

Processed into huge reels by UK-based DS Smith paper mills to convert into flat-pack boxes, which are ready for use sometimes just 14 days after they were thrown away.


Sent to our recycling partners, UK-based Viridor, for further cleaning to produce a furnace-ready product which is recycled back into bottles and jars.


Shredded at our secure Park Royal depot, then turned into shredded paper and used to produce new products, such as newspapers and tissues.

Confidential Paper

Baled at our Sacktory® before being de-inked and whitened by Antalis to create Image 100% recycled paper.


Once wiped clear of data, the WEEE we collect is sent to our partners Greensafe IT, who refurbish and resell viable equipment. Anything not reusable is shredded to be recycled into new products, from aluminium cans to bicycles, with the extraction of precious materials, such as gold, silver and platinum along the way.


Sub-standard products are separated into plastic and metal for recycling, while good ones are refilled for re-sale.

Printer Cartridge & Toner

Sorted into 8 main chemical families, before being broken down for use in steel, industry, electronics, and paint- or to create new batteries.


Collected by our partner bio-bean to convert into solid biofuels, such as their famous coffee logs or pellets, with essential oils extracted for use as coffee fragrance.

Coffee Grounds

Collected separately by us and baled at our Sacktory® before being sent to DS Smith’s paper mills to be turned into paper and cardboard products.

Coffee Cup

Sorted, baled, then taken to a UK composting facility to make nutrient-rich compost.

Compostable Packaging

Working items are sent to School Aid, for use by children and adults who don’t have ready access to materials, while non-working plastic and wooden stationery are sent to standard recycling streams.


Sent to our UK-based partners, LMB, where they sort the material for re-use and recycling. 50% of re-usable garments are resold in the UK and 50% in developing countries, while recycled materials are shredded for the automotive industry, insulation, and carpet underlay.


Collected by ProperOils, for shipping to Greenergy’s Biodiesel Refinery in Teesside, to create biodiesel that is blended with fossil fuels used to power our collection vehicles.

Cooking Oil

Hard Disk Drive material is shredded at our Sacktory® and shipped to a specialist recycler to extract steel, aluminium and precious metals, like gold and silver.

Confidential Data

We store these at our Sacktory® before sending them for processing to UK-based Balkan Engineering, who create clean glass for road aggregates, and plastic and metal for supply to processors. Meanwhile, hazardous materials removed are further processed at specialist facilities to make new chemicals.

Fluorescent Tube

Collected at our Sacktory®, then sent to be incinerated safely.


Collected, crushed and baled at our Sacktory®, then sent to our partner One Circle to be recycled at their Key Keg facility in Holland.

Key Kegs

Organic material transported to West London Composting, who create compost for safe application to agricultural land by farmers.

Christmas Tree