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Turn your Halloween Hallowgreen this October

There’s plenty you can do to green your Halloween. See what a positive difference you can make to our planet.

10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

When you think recycling, you probably think plastic, cardboard, paper and glass. But did you know there are lots more materials that can be recycled, they just need to be separated and sent to the right processing facility.

Kik-Plastic Beach Clean Analysis Revealed

A total of 3,436kg of beach litter was collected across the 78 beaches by nearly 2,000 volunteers during the Kik-Plastic Challenge.

How your company can help minimise the effect of fast fashion

There is plenty that you can do within your business to prevent contributing to the harmful effects of the fashion industry.

The Common Misconceptions of Recycling

London household recycling rates are up 62% year on year - but unfortunately, recycling contamination rates are also on the rise.

First Mile and Vegware team up to boost compostable packaging recycling

First Mile announces a partnership Vegware to provide a national end-of-life solution for its compostable disposables using RecycleBox.

The UK is a giant garden – but apparently that’s not good

Every square metre in the UK has been managed by humans one way or another - while these landscapes look tidy and beautiful, they are not rich in biodiversity.

First Mile wins award for innovation

First Mile has been chosen the best business in the UK in the category ‘The Award for Innovation with Turnover of €0-25M’

Why You Need to Start Recycling Coffee Cups Today

Our recent research highlights the sheer volume of coffee cups used in the UK, giving us all a reminder of the importance of recycling our single-use coffee cups.

Recycling Tips For Your Workplace

We’ve pulled together the top recycling tips for your workplace

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