UK Beach Clean Analysis

First Mile teamed up with Kik-Plastic to identify the most common type of materials found on beaches across the UK, and what percentage is recyclable.

Between 5th May and 29th July 2019, Kiko Matthews embarked on her Kik-Plastic challenge, cycling 7,200km along the UK’s coastline and stopping to clean 78 beaches along the way. Over 1,800 volunteers from across the nation joined Kiko to collect 3,436kg of waste from Britain’s beaches. At the beach cleans, Kiko and her team of volunteers filled between 1 – 2 First Mile RecycleBoxes with a sample of the beach litter that was collected. First Mile analysed the contents of each box at their London-based RecycleLab, recording the types of material found, and the percentage of beach debris that was recyclable. The findings from each beach are presented in the interactive map.

More information about the audit can be found here.

Get in touch if you or your organisation are conducting a UK beach clean. Send us a sample of your findings, along with the total number of volunteers and weight of the beach debris collected. Visit for more information.

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