Aug 20, 2019

Recycling Tips For Your Workplace

Words by Zinnia Harris

Want to supercharge your recycling rates and improve your sustainability strategy? We’ve pulled together the top recycling tips for your workplace.

  • Signage

      Wave goodbye to recycling confusion with clear labels and signs for every bin. Download our recycling posters here. Remember to place them above the bins, at eye level.

      • Bins, glorious bins

          Bins shouldn’t be a basement issue anymore. They need to be accessible and visible to all. But it’s not just positioning you need to think about. Consider the size and type of bins that best fit your workspace. And say goodbye to those under desk bins - sure they’re convenient but they do little to boost recycling rates. If you’re unsure, ask us for a Bin Audit.

          From food caddies and slim bins to confidential cabinets and premium styles, browse our bin guide for all your bin needs.

          • Education

            Make it easy for everyone to be a recycling pro by attending one of our First Mile Recycling Workshops. An interactive and engaging session (even if we do say so ourselves!) where we teach the importance of recycling and the positive impact choosing the right waste provider can have on the environment, as well as making you a master recycler. Staff will no longer be wondering what goes in what bin!

            • Waste Audit

              Before you can reduce your waste, you need to know what’s in it! Book a Waste Audit and we’ll collect a sample of your waste and take it back to our RecycleLab for analysis. You’ll get a full report with recommendations for better recycling practices.

              • Recycling Report

                Knowledge is power. That’s why you can access your monthly recycling report any time of day or night through the handy customer portal. Download your Monthly Recycling Report to engage employees in the company’s recycling rate and share just how much CO2 you’ve saved.

                • Add A Stream

                  There’s no better way to improve your recycling rate than to start recycling a new material. Browse over 20 different recycling services to find the one that’s going to make the biggest difference to your workplace.

                  Do you have any other recycling tips for the workplace? Share them with us – we love hearing all the awesome things our customers do to boost recycling! Tweet us at @firstmile or send us a message on Facebook.

                  By Zinnia Harris


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