Printer Cartridge and Toner Recycling

Available as sack collection
Available as sack collection

Recycling toners and printer cartridges is easy.

Our pre-paid toner recycling service accepts is available to all kinds, and it’s very quick to arrange. We guarantee next day collection for all cartridges and toner recycling orders.

Damaged printer cartridges generate green energy from waste or are used to manufacture new products, such as coat-hangers.

Recycling cartridges prevent them from ending up in landfill – and, thankfully, dry printer and toner cartridges are perfect to recycle for re-use. As always with First Mile, nothing goes to landfill.

Recycle laser toner cartridges today!

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  • Any printer cartridges

  • Any toner

  • Fax and photocopier cartridges

  • Toner and printer ink bottles

  • Paper

  • Electronic equipment

How we recycle your Toner and Cartridge

  • STEP 1


    Printer cartridges and toners for recycling are collected from inside your business by a uniformed delivery driver.

  • STEP 2


    All materials are then taken to our depot where they are sorted from other streams at our award-winning sack-sorting facility, the Sacktory®. Re-fillable cartridges are saved, while damaged toners are sent to an Energy from Waste facility.

  • STEP 3


    Cartridges in a good condition are refilled and resold up to five times.


Easy switch from your current provider
Flexible collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week
Amazing support available 24/7/365
Zero-to-landfill, with all non-recyclable waste sent to generate Green energy.
Service Extras, like compliance certificates and tip posters
Responsible processing of materials in our award-winning facility

Wondering where to recycle toner cartridges? Look no further: First Mile recycles all types of toners and printer cartridges!

It’s estimated that over 1.1 billion toner cartridges are used every year around the world, of which 350 million end up in landfills where they can take between 450 and 1000 years to breakdown, releasing harmful gases during this time. That's not ok.

People can reduce landfilling by recycling printer cartridges and toner. Remanufacturing these items can save over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal from landfills. Sounds good, right?

Our printer toner recycling service gives these products a second chance to stay in use, avoiding further burdens on landfill.

If any cartridge is damaged beyond recovery, we send them to be shredded, so materials are separated and recycled into other products. As a last alternative, non-recoverable toners are sent to generate green energy used to heat homes in the UK.

Cartridge recycling doesn’t need to cause a headache. Recycle your toners and cartridges today!

Could we be saving you time, money and effort?

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350 million printer cartridges are discarded annually worldwide, each one taking up to 1000 years to fully decompose in landfill.

Easy. Smart.

You're two steps away from a cheaper, greener recycling service.

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