A Day-in-the-life: Lead Generation

I manage the Lead Generation Team, which provides qualified leads to the Sales Team by speaking to large potential customers. We begin discussions with key decision makers within those organisations and, once we’ve engaged a client, we meet them with a Sales representative to discuss how we can best meet their environmental goals.

The beauty of this role is that no two days are the same. Team members have complete control over their pipeline, so in the morning we may be prospecting a football stadium, then in the afternoon Buckingham Palace! Every business across London and Birmingham is a prospect, which provides us with a huge market place and an ever-changing landscape.

An important part of the role is research- knowing your customer inside out before even picking up the phone or sending that first email. What are their environmental goals for the year? Have they had a positive story in the news recently that we can discuss with them? Has a new person joined who used our services elsewhere? Every drop of information helps us deliver an amazing personalised solution.

I started at First Mile in 2012, choosing a company which makes a positive impact on the planet every day and whose values align with my own. I joined as a x and have since made the most of every opportunity given to me to develop my career here. The talent we have across all the departments is truly an inspiration. At last, the world seems to be waking up to the environmental issues we’re all facing, and I feel very proud to be part of a team that works hard to make a difference.

Jamie McCormack, Senior Manager


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