A Day-in-the-Life: Field Sales Recycling Advisor

Our objective in Field Sales is to build relationships with businesses face-to-face, educate them on First Mile’s recycling mission and ultimately help them to start using our recycling solutions. I feel businesses are not given enough support when it comes to recycling, and it’s our job to advise how First Mile can simplify their waste management and recycle more. We spend at least half of our time out and about in our territory; it’s exciting as you’ll never have the same conversation twice!

Every team member is given a specific area of London to work in. I love the feeling of entrepreneurship and independence the role offers as we can decide our own strategy. The most rewarding thing about working in the field team is becoming a local figurehead for recycling and building relationships with all the businesses in the local community. Pretty soon we’re waving to everyone as we walk down the high road!

The independence we have in the field is complemented by a fantastic team and support structure back in the office. We have exceptional team morale, and there is always someone around to answer questions, work through strategy, or even just chat to over a coffee after a challenging day! We also have daily contact with our managers, regular in-depth 1-2-1s and weekly team meetings to discuss performance and share new ideas.

I chose to work at First Mile because of the mission. I saw the advert for Field Sales and instantly knew this was the job for me, as I love being active and I am definitely a people-person! It is wonderful being able to advise businesses daily on something I’m passionate about, and over the past year I have witnessed a huge increase in people’s enthusiasm for recycling. I didn’t have any sales experience before this role, however I get a real buzz knowing that every new customer I sign up is having a positive impact on the environment!

Christina Panayiotou, Field Sales Manager


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