Verified Recycling Schemes

reCUP Coffee Cup Recycling

RECUP - Coffee Cup Recycling

First Mile is the official recycling partner for reCUP providing solutions to recycle their paper coffee cups. Through partnering with First Mile, reCUP can ensure every bit of its packaging can be recycled and kept in the circular economy. This means less waste, less emissions from landfill and it helps to save the planet’s natural resources – all of which means recycling helps in the fight against climate change.

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Bulldog Plastics Recycling

Bulldog- Packaging Recycling

First Mile is the official recycling partner for Bulldog, providing solutions for hard-to-recycle packaging. Skincare packaging products are made from plastics that need specialist treatment. First Mile provide a collection scheme and send plastics to a process called Microwave-assisted pyrolysis, where the plastic is turned back into oil which can then be refined to produce new plastic products.

Hunter Wellington Boots

Hunter - Wellington Boots Recycling

Hunter has partnered up with First Mile to provide a recycling solution for their Willington boots. Customers can either post back their old boots for free, or drop them into their flagship Regent Street store in London for recycling. Once received or collected by First Mile, these old boots are sent to our processing partners, where they are shredded and ground down before being repurposed into playground and horse arena surfacing, kickboxing bags and floor fillers.

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