Feb 11, 2019

Our first Lunch and Learn session of the year featured surplus veggie user, ChicP

Words by Jessica Mevel

‘Lunch & Learn Sessions’ are a big part of the office culture at First Mile HQ. We have a variety of speakers such as sustainability entrepreneurs and environmental charities, giving engaging talks about what they do, all to the backdrop of a tasty lunch provided by The Little Cooking Pot . Last month we had the lovely Hannah McCollum, founder of ChicP visit us.

Every year a shocking amount of food is wasted by different UK sectors:

  • 600,000 tonnes from restaurants
  • 300,000 tonnes from supermarkets
  • 7 million tonnes from households
  • 40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape and size
  • 1/3 of the food we produce in the UK is never eaten

ChicP was created to counteract against this waste, taking the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community, our natural resources and shaping our health habits for the better, by bringing healthy, colourful dips to the food market.

By Jessica Mevel


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