Jan 01, 1900

GOLD Standard Recycling Award 2021

Words by First Mile

Gold Award

Every January, First Mile calculates the recycling done by all customers during the previous year.

2021 was an amazing year for our customers, and the recycling they did saved over 60,000 tonnes of carbon by providing recycled material (like waste paper) to replace virgin material (like trees) to manufacturers to make new products.

To attain gold, Businesses must recycle over 80% of their waste, and use at least three different recycling services, such as food recycling, paper recycling, and plastics recycling.

If you are a First Mile customer and looking for more information on your result, hit view result in the email we sent with your award.

If you are not a First Mile customer and would like to know more, click here to browse our business waste and recycling services.

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