Nov 17, 2020

Cut The Wrap This Christmas

Words by First Mile

There's all sorts you can do to cut down on Christmas waste and do your bit to help the planet. An easy place to start is your festive wrapping. Did you know that 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away every year - enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator nine times!

That's why two years ago we launched our Cut The Wrap campaign to encourage greener Christmas wrapping choices, and we're doing it again to help spread the word and save the planet.

Many people are unaware that Christmas wrapping paper often can’t be recycled as it is regularly plastic-based, dyed, laminated and decorated with non-recyclable embellishments, such as glitter. This means that any non-recyclable wrapping paper has to go to waste and will more often than not end up in landfill contributing to greenhouse gases. But by using recyclable materials, your wrapping creations can contribute to the circular economy.

How do I know if my wrapping paper is recyclable?

There is a quick and easy test you can do to check if your paper is recyclable, widely known as The Scrunch Test.

  1. Scrunch your wrapping paper into a tight ball
  2. Wait for a few seconds. If the paper stays in a ball, it’s recyclable. If the ball starts to open, it’s not recyclable.

Remove any sellotape, ribbon or plastic gift tags before recycling!

Our Cut The Wrap mission is to spread awareness and inspire everyone to get creative when it comes to wrapping, choosing eco-friendly alternatives such as newspapers and magazines, recycled brown paper and cloth. Need some inspiration? We've got it all wrapped up below with some wonderful examples of what you can do.

Be sure to share your festive eco-creations with us using #CutTheWrap

Happy Wrapping!

By First Mile


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