Aug 20, 2015

Closing the Loop

Words by Bethany Guard

Love recycling? Imagine if all that paper you recycled came back reincarnated as new paper to be used once again within your office… First Mile offers high-quality 100% recycled 80GSM copier paper made from the waste paper collected in your Mixed Recycling sacks.

High-grade paper waste is sent to an EU Ecolabel paper mill where it is used to produce FSC-certified copier paper.

This paper is then supplied back to First Mile and is available to purchase.

What is ‘Closed Loop Recycling’?

Closed loop recycling is a process in which waste material is recycled back into new versions of the original product.

The recycled products are then bought, used and recycled again – effectively ‘closing the loop’ on the life cycle of the product.

Call us on 0800 612 9894 to order some recycled paper and get it delivered next day.

By Bethany Guard


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