Nov 29, 2019

Can I recycle Christmas cards?

Words by Zinnia Harris

As a nation that uses close to one billion Christmas cards each festive season, the question of recycling Christmas cards is one that arises every year (usually closely followed by "can I recycle wrapping paper?")

Whilst in a lot of cases the answer is yes, as many cards are paper-based, there are several Christmas card recycling no-no’s to look out for this festive season:

1. Glitter

2. Sequins and jewels

3. Ribbons

What to do if you can’t recycle your Christmas cards?

Usually, the embellishments are only on the front of the card, so tear off the decorated part and recycle the rest of your Christmas cards with your paper recycling. Or prolong their life by adding them to your scrap paper pile for reuse.

To save the rest of the Christmas card from a wasted trip to landfill, you can use it for gift labelling next year - a crafty little idea that’s good for your pocket and the planet.

Of course, you could always avoid Christmas cards altogether in a bid to cut down on festive waste and save the 30 million trees or so used to make them. Indeed in our recent First Mile poll, 26% of Brits have said they will not be sending physical Christmas cards this year.

But if that’s a little too extreme of an idea, opt for easy to recycle Christmas cards without the fancy bells and whistles. You can even go one step greener, by opting for festive cards made from recycled paper.

And don’t forget that digital Christmas cards are an option too... in fact, keep your eyes peeled for our festive e-card making its way to you soon!

What if your local council or waste provider doesn’t recycle Christmas cards?

Fear not: our trusty RecycleBox service is on hand for all your festive waste. Fill a cardboard box (you can use your own) with Christmas cards for recycling or any other material that you can’t readily recycle such as Christmas lights, wrapping paper or corks, and send it to us via our RecycleBox post-back service.

We're at ready to help you recycle Christmas cards and anything else you need this holiday season!

By Zinnia Harris


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