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Vegware Return and Recycle Point (Pack of 5)


Your business can now help power the circular economy as First Mile makes it easy to return and recycle any of your Vegware items.

Enable your customers or workforce to recycle your Vegware products or packaging by bringing to a Return and Recycle point set up in your retail store, restaurant, café or workplace.

How it works:

  • Order a Compostable Packaging Return and Recycle Bin Pack online
  • Receive your Return and Recycle pack within 2-3 working days - assemble and place in a prominent position
  • Your customers or workforce use the recycling points to dispose of Vegware products
  • When your Return and Recycle point is full just scan the QR code on the box to arrange a collection
  • We will collect your Return and Recycle point(s) to take back to our sorting facility to be processed and sent on to be recycled

Product Types

Click the link to find out what can and can't be included in your Vegware stream:

Compostable Packaging

How much it costs:

The total price is £150 (plus VAT) which includes:

  • The cost of delivery
  • A complete Return and Recycle bin pack
  • x5 pre-paid collections
  • Full recycling of your materials
  • Reporting on your recycling achievements

What's in a Return and Recycle bin pack:

  • 5 x flat packed Return and Recycle boxes ​
  • 1 x flat packed lid (to be reused)​
  • 5 x posters of your chosen stream
  • 1 x roll of sacks to line the box

If you're a current First Mile customer, please order through the Customer Portal.

Capacity: 60 litre

Dimensions: 76cm (h), 35cm (w), 35cm (d)

If you're a current First Mile customer, please order through the Customer Portal.



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