Our Partners

We build strong relationships with partners on all kinds of projects, from turning recycled coffee pods into furniture to improving air quality in a particular area.

Explore the rewards, then drop us a line to talk more at partners@thefirstmile.co.uk

Business Improvement Districts

  • Cost saving for tenants.
  • Improved air quality (reduced vehicle movements).
  • Enhanced public realm (bags collected at the same time).
  • A collective recycling rate for a defined geographical area.
  • Zero-to-landfill across the estate.
  • Free or subsidised recycling for each levy payer proportionate to their business rate band
First Mile are an excellent partner for Love Wimbledon BID. They deliver a quality, subsidised recycling service with significant cost savings and provide excellent customer service to our BID members.

— Kevin Gallagher, Operations Manager, Love Wimbledon BID

YourBromley BID is proud to have partnered with First Mile since 2017: everything is easy to set up and re-order. We’ve had great feedback from the Bromley town centre businesses who’ve participated- they’re loving recycling!

— Frances Forrest, YourBromley BID Manager

Business Improvement Districts WE WORK WITH

Street & Business Associations

  • First Mile speakers sharing environmental news at events
  • Invitations to members to visit our Sacktory® for first-hand experience of our practices.
  • Discounted pricing to associations who promote us in return.
First Mile are active and friendly members who attend our networking events and deliver engaging talks about the positive environmental impact businesses can make by recycling their waste effectively.

— Ann Cadogan, Midtown Business Club

Landlords and Property Managers

  • Cost saving for tenants
  • Improved air quality (reduced vehicle movements)
  • Enhanced public realm (bags collected at the same time)
  • A collective recycling rate for a defined geographical area
  • Zero-to-landfill across the estate
  • Consistent data for estate management KPIs and annual CSR reporting
  • Advice to help new tenants understand business rate legal obligations
  • Swift bulky clearance service, for any refurbishment projects that require construction waste removal

Public Sector

  • Knowledgeable support to help inform London’s environmental policies
  • Collaboration on environmental agendas to innovate solutions
  • Sharing of local council recycling rates and enforcement with our customers, to help them hit targets

Supply Chain Partners

  • Connecting innovative recycling technologies with source materials
  • Collecting coffee grounds for bio-bean to process into advanced biofuels.
  • Match-making coffee pod manufacturers with specialist recyclers
We have worked with First Mile for over four years and together have delivered a fantastic service to many happy customers, putting their coffee waste to work. First Mile are a dynamic and driven team and we are proud to be one of their longest standing supply chain partners.

— Jessica Folkerts, Marketing Manager , bio-bean ltd

Brand Partners

  • Singing all things GREEN together, from building waste solutions to planning promotions and cool projects
First Mile are fun to work with and are incredibly knowledgeable about all environmental issues connected to waste and recycling in London, including their impact on air quality in the capital.

— Elle McAll, Co-Founder, Hubbub

Lab Partners

  • Analysing hard-to-recycle materials, to help brands find excellent end-of-life solutions
  • Helping customers to recover as much material as possible, for use in a closed loop recycling system or the next best alternative.
Partners we work with

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