Your recycling certificate explained

Thanks for doing your bit to save the planet in 2018. Collectively we’ve helped recycle almost 60,000 tonnes of waste; that’s equivalent to the weight of nearly five Shards!

Each year we review your recycling performance and award you with either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate. All Gold and high Silver certificates* will be sent via post for you to display in your place of work. If you're awarded Bronze or a low silver you can request a digital copy by getting in touch.

What does my recycling certificate mean?

  • Recycling rate: Your recycling rate is based on the capacity of your order over the year. To see how you’re doing so far check out your free monthly recycling reports.
  • Streams used: The number of different recycling streams you're using. With 25 recycling streams available, we're making it easier for you to recycle more and waste less.
  • KG recycled: The actual weight of recycled materials you’ve produced in 2018, based on your purchases.
  • Tonnes of CO2 saved: For each material, you recycle we calculated the energy and transport savings of re-manufacture compared to the production of the virgin material.

Your certificate is a nice shiny award for a year of great recycling. It may not precisely match the recycling rate on your monthly reports. For the most accurate, up to date information on your recycling rate, check out your reports at

Gold standard

Fantastic, you’re a planet-saving legend! To achieve Gold, you’ll have recycled over 90% of your waste OR recycled over 80% and use 5+ recycling streams. If you don't handle your general waste management through First Mile, you’ll only receive a Silver award even if you have a 100% recycle rate.

Silver standard

Getting to 90% recycling is achievable with our three core services, but if you're not quite there yet, you’ll receive a silver award by recycling between 50% and 80% of your waste.

Bronze standard

This means that your recycling rate is 49% or under and you’ll have ordered more general waste than recycling streams. By adding just one more stream, you can recycle more efficiently and save money.

Want to improve your recycling rates in 2019?

By introducing just one more stream to your office recycling programme, such as food waste, you’ll increase your overall recycling rate. You'll also reduce the number of general waste sacks you order, saving you money! It’s super simple to adapt and you’ll be helping to save the planet too.

To chat about your recycling achievements, email us or call 0800 612 9894.

Don’t forget to share your achievements on Twitter or Instagram to show your fans and customers how much of a #planetsaver you are!

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