Dec 18, 2018

The 2018 Waste Strategy Announcement

Words by The First Mile

The strategy is about moving England towards a more circular economy and may include large initiatives such as deposit return schemes for retailers, and a tax on producers making single use plastics products with less than 30% recycled content.

But what does this mean for ordinary businesses?

  • Businesses will legally have to separate food waste

The strategy paves the way for future government legislation to be brought in that will enforce the separation of food waste for businesses. However early indication is that this will not come into effect until 2023, nine years after Scotland implemented their food waste separation programme.

First Mile customers are able to easily recycle food waste at a low cost and can get ahead by using our easy food recycling services.

  • Businesses will have to report on their waste

The strategy also outlines possible future legislation whereby businesses will have to report on what they recycle. This highlights the need for clear and accurate data on recycling.

First Mile customers can already start accessing data through our customer portal and monthly recycling reports.

  • What can and can’t be recycled might change (but it should get clearer)

The strategy states the need to agree on a core set of materials that can be recycled in the UK, which may mean some materials, such as glass, will have to be recycled separately. Separation of this nature improves the quality and quantity of recycling.

First Mile offers over 20 separate streams and works with businesses to help improve their recycling methods and introduce better separation methods.

  • More shared collection models may be created giving businesses more ability to recycle

Group recycling schemes were hailed as a leading way to improve urban recycling as well as having a positive impact on air pollution in cities.

First Mile runs 26 group recycling schemes with Business Improvement Districts in London and Birmingham. If you’re not in a BID you could talk to us about setting up a group scheme for your local neighbourhood, or if already part of a BID, ask them if they have a recycling service.

In summary, the immediate impact on businesses will be very limited. The good news is as a First Mile customer, it is easy to comply with the necessary changes, and we’re here to help you along the way.

By The First Mile


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