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New Year's sustainable resolutions

Living sustainably is all about making small changes and conscious choices. Here are our top 6 suggested resolutions for a greener 2020.

It’s the most wonderful (and wasteful) time of the year

Is it possible to find a balance between saving the planet and spreading Christmas cheer? Find out how you can have a green Christmas!

Can I recycle Christmas cards?

As a nation that uses close to one billion Christmas cards each festive season, the question of recycling Christmas cards is one that arises every year.

The Common Misconceptions of Recycling

London household recycling rates are up 62% year on year - but unfortunately, recycling contamination rates are also on the rise.

First Mile and Vegware team up to boost compostable packaging recycling

First Mile announces a partnership Vegware to provide a national end-of-life solution for its compostable disposables using RecycleBox.

Why You Need to Start Recycling Coffee Cups Today

Our recent research highlights the sheer volume of coffee cups used in the UK, giving us all a reminder of the importance of recycling our single-use coffee cups.

Recycling Tips For Your Workplace

We’ve pulled together the top recycling tips for your workplace

Keeping up with First Mile

One month, 10 events and 5,000+ participants as we spread the word on sustainability

RecycleBox – making it easy to recycle anything and everything!

A post-back box service that makes it super easy to give items traditionally bound for waste, the opportunity to be salvaged and given a new life.

Easy. Smart.

You're two steps away from a cheaper, greener recycling service.

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