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First Mile is a waste management company that provides easy to use commercial waste collection across the UK.

Explore our site to book commercial waste collection services, or discover more about our ultra-low emission collection fleet, award-winning facilities, and our amazing service levels.

Commercial waste clearance London

With First Mile, commercial waste collection is made easy. We offer regular collections seven days a week and with flexible time slots for your London commercial waste collection, so you’ll always be compliant with local restrictions and time bands.

Our services operate across London and we cater for any industry to make sure that your commercial waste is properly disposed of.

How do I arrange a commercial waste clearance in London?

With First Mile, we make commercial waste collections easy. Simply shop now to look at our available services, click here to get a quote, or give us a call on 0333 300 3448.

Commercial Waste FAQs

What is commercial waste?

Any waste produced by a business on its premises is classed as commercial waste (also known as business waste). This means that whatever the nature of your business - whether it’s run from an office, a shop, educational facilities, or an entertainment venue - any rubbish or waste generated is classed as commercial waste.

The commercial waste category also includes any waste resulting from construction, agriculture, industry, and demolition.

Different types of commercial waste

Commercial waste includes more commonplace rubbish such paper, cardboard, cans, retail packaging, and food wrappers. But, it can also include IT equipment or office furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, and old printers that are not so easy to dispose of.

For this reason, any type of commercial waste cannot be taken home to fill up domestic bins. Instead, it must legally be disposed of in a certain way.

Why use a commercial waste collection service?

Commercial waste must be collected by a licensed business waste carrier or business waste management company.

As proof that your commercial waste has been collected and managed legally, you will receive a Business Waste Transfer Note from the licensed business waste management company. With First Mile, your Waste Transfer Note will be automatically generated in our Customer App.

By choosing First Mile for your commercial waste collection, you can be sure that your waste is disposed of promptly, properly, and professionally.

Why should I choose First Mile's business waste service?

As an award-winning UK waste management company, First Mile can easily help you recycle and dispose of your waste.

Benefit from low cost, reliable service, next day delivery, 24/7 helpdesk, high recycling, zero to landfill, and free monthly reporting on all of your achievements.

We provide full transparency on where we send your business waste and recycling, and we only work with destination partners whose environmental credentials pass our rigorous standards.

You can find our accreditations on the homepage and our certificates and insurances here.

What sectors do you provide commercial waste collection to?

Any business produces commercial waste on its premises, and so we provide waste collection for a wide variety of sectors.

This means that our commercial waste clearance service will be suitable for you no matter where your industry operates: offices, retailers, cafes, restaurants, venues, hotels, salons, medical practises and many more.

With over 25,000 customers First Mile provides a zero-to-landfill recycling and commercial waste disposal service to some of the leading UK brands and businesses across a range of sectors.

How to reduce the cost of your clearance

Keep all of your commercial waste in one location to help our team to most quickly and easily remove it. This will reduce the cost of any potential extra labour charges. Please also try to keep recyclable waste separate from non-recyclables.

It may also be possible to donate some of your commercial waste rather than having it all disposed of. Furniture and other office equipment can be useful for certain charities.

Do you recycle commercial waste?

Where it is economical and practical, companies must demonstrate that they are recycling their waste. With First Mile we help to collect and recycle your business waste in a low-cost and straightforward way.

We work with businesses to help to recycle as much as their waste as possible, with the aim to provide zero-to-landfill waste collection. This means that our low impact, reliable service is not only good for our customers but also for the environment.

What other services do you provide?

We offer over twenty low-cost business waste recycling services, so whatever you need clearing out or recycling we can be there to help.

In addition to our commercial waste collection service, our other services include general waste collection, furniture removal, office clearances, and more.


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