How much can your business recycle?

Is your business doing everything it can to improve its environmental impact? In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, recycling has a hugely positive impact on the planet, not to mention your pocket!

You can recycle more than you think and be safe in the knowledge that nothing you produce will end up in landfill! Drive-up your recycling rate and see how green you can go by learning what materials First Mile can recycle for your industry.

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There is huge potential for recycling everything that is produced in your office – be that coffee grounds from the coffee machine or batteries from the TV remote! Want to make it even easier and avoid contamination? We bring our complimentary recycling workshop directly to your business to make star recyclers of your team.

Café, Bar or Restaurant

Our easy 7 days-a-week pay-as-you-go service means you’ll only ever pay for what you use. Giving our customers flexibility is especially beneficial to the hospitality industry, where we know your wastage can vary greatly. We can also provide you with dedicated bins, posters and training to make this as easy as possible for your staff.

Shop or Retail

Your shop needs to look slick and sharp and First Mile’s daily collections and helpful posters and bins can help you achieve this. We offer an unparalleled collection service and we are the only provider who can offer coat hanger and ‘flexi’ plastic recycling services. Keep your costs down and your recycling up, in the knowledge that nothing you produce will end up in a landfill.

Public Venues

As a public venue, we know that it is vital to keep your space looking smart and clear. First Mile’s dedicated account management service will advise on bin set up and signage, offering helpful posters and fresh ideas to help you recycle the most and show off about it!

Go the extra recycling mile and be a planet-saving hero!

  • Don’t forget to download our free Recycling Posters so it’s clear for everyone what materials go in what bin.
  • Browse our range of recycling bins to make sure you’ve got the perfect bin set up for your needs.
  • Check your monthly recycling report on the customer portal so see how well you’re doing!
  • Need some help working out what services are best for you? Ask our Customer Success team about conducting a Waste Audit for your business.

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