First Mile's RecycleBox is perfect for businesses and households that need a solution for smaller items that aren't acceptable by traditional recycling services, such as toners, coat hangers and drinks cartons.

Simply order your RecycleBox online, fill it with the material you want to recycle and post it back to us. We’ll give your unwanted goods a new life or, if it's something tricky, our RecycleLab will find a solution.

Here are some of the most popular items:

Aluminium Pouches

Aluminium lined pouches are commonly used and hard to recycle. A good way to check if something is aluminium lined is to shine a light through the packaging with a torch. If you can’t see the light, it can be recycled this way.

Order a RecycleBox for aluminium pouches now!

Drink Cartons

Paper, plastic and aluminium are layered together to make cartons. All three materials can be recycled - the challenge is separating them. We send used UHT cartons to the UK’s only dedicated beverage carton recycling facility where they separate the layers and recycle all materials into new products.

Order a RecycleBox for drink cartons here!

Single-Use Plastics

With over 300 million tonnes of plastic produced each year, and 50% of it destined for single-use, it's a no-brainer to recycle your single-use plastics today. Once returned, items are sorted according to plastic type and recycled back into new products such as plastic bottles and takeaway packaging.

Order a RecycleBox for single-use plastics today!

Snack Packaging

20 million crisp packets are produced every day in the UK. The metalised film that keeps our snacks fresh and the packaging lightweight makes them hard to recycle in domestic bins. But we can change this.

Order a RecycleBox for your snacks packaging now!

Coffee Pods

Coffee pods need separate recycling, as they’re made from mixed materials and contain wet coffee grounds. We accept both metal and plastic coffee pods for recycling. Our partners turn the coffee into bio-fuels and essential oils, while the plastic or metal is sold to the manufacturing industry to make new products.

Order a RecycleBox for coffee pods here!


It takes 25 years to grow a cork oak tree before it can be harvested for wine corks. After all this time, it’s a shame to only use the cork once. But now you can recycle them! We send used wine, champagne and prosecco corks to our partners who give the corks a second life.

Order a RecycleBox for all your corks today!


Batteries are full of toxic chemicals that contaminate soil and water, so they shouldn't be disposed of with general waste. However, they contain valuable materials that can be used in brand new batteries and lighting products. Send your old used batteries for recycling and we'll give them a new life.

Order a RecycleBox for all your batteries now!

Small Electrical Items

Small electrical items contain too many toxic materials to make them suitable for non-specialist recycling. We refurbish equipment with potential and shred the rest to be recycled into new products, extracting precious metals for re-use along the way.

Order a RecycleBox for your small electronics today!

For larger electrical items, get in touch and we’ll figure out a solution.

Makeup packaging

From foundation tubes to mascara wands and moisturiser tubs, knowing how to recycle used beauty products can be complicated. Some simple packaging can be easily recycled at home - however, anything with a pump or brush will need special attention before being recycled. Our partners clean products and separate the different materials before being reprocessed into new products.

Order a RecycleBox for your empty makeup packaging here!

Coat Hangers

Coat hangers are often a mixture of metal and plastic, which are materials that call for different recycling processes. Happily, our partners have created a dedicated line that processes around 5 million coat hangers per week by shredding and recycling them into new items - including more hangers!

Order a RecycleBox for your broken or unwanted coat hangers now!

Clothing and Shoes

350,000 tonnes of recyclable textiles are landfilled in the UK each year, but at least half could have been recycled. We sort unwanted clothing for charity resale in the UK and abroad, while damaged material is cut up into rags for cleaning or shredded and turned into insulation and carpet underlay.

Order a RecycleBox for your unwanted clothes and shoes today!

Can't find what you need? Simply head to the RecycleBox website to see more categories!

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